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Using a nautral hardwood and/or bark mulch as a groundcover over soil around trees, shrubs, and perennial plants has many advantages:

  • It moderates soil temperature and makes a more favorable environment for roots.
  • It reduces evaporation of moisture, helping to conserve water.
  • It reduces splashing from rain or irrigation water.
  • It blocks the germination of many weed seeds.
  • It reduces the spread of disease.
  • It gives the landscape a more finished appearance.

This vibrant red colored mulch is commonly seen in many Illinois landscape applications. The deep rich appearance compliments a variety of residential and business landscape designs.  It is typically very cost-effective, but will not provide the same nutrients to the plants and soil as a natural hardwood or bark product.       It is best suited for areas were plantlife is minimal. 

Brown Color-Enhanced Mulch                                This brown color-enhanced mulch is an inexpensive way to spruce up the appearance of any landscape design.  It has a simlar appearance to hardwood mulch but is a heavier, bulkier material.  It is typically very cost-effective, but will not provide the same nutrients to the plants and soil as a natural hardwood or bark product.  It is best suited for areas were plantlife is minimal. 

Double-Ground Harwood Mulch                                     This natural mulch material provides a rougher texture finish great for mass landscape projects.   This is one of the longer lasting NATURAL mulch materials.  Because it is a natural product, it will decompose over time to help prevent insects and weeds, making it a popular choice among homeowners and businesses.

Premium Harwood Mulch                                                This product provides a dark brown color with a soft cushy appearance and feel.  It adds a wonderful natural  finish to mass landscape projects that incorporate  a lot of plantlife.  We recommend  this product due to its ability to naturally decompose, which helps to prevent insects and weeds.     This is by far one of the most popular  NATURAL mulch products.         

Sienna Grove - Premium Hardwood Mulch Blend Sienna Grove is produced with combination of Premium Hardwood Mulch and approx 5-10% Pine.  This NATURAL deep rich brown color is ideal for residential and commercial landscape designs that incorporate a variety  of plant species.  It will provide a pleasant aromatic, smooth, and fibrous finish that is sure to minimize weed growth, help control insects, and provide nutrients to the plants and soil as it naturally decomposes over time. This premium quality mulch is widely used in a variety of high-end landscape designs and will provide a rich appearance to improve even the simplest of landscapes. 

Playground Mulch                                                            This specialty product helps to enhance cushion, to reduce chance of shock from falling, and is dust free to enhance air quality and improve moisture drainage.  The perfect product for residential and community parks and play areas.

Pea Gravel                                                                       This small multi-colored gravel product is ideal for residential and commercial properties, especially        under decks, or in areas of the landscape where grass, weeds, and plantlife are discouraged from growth.  This maintenance-free product provides a clean, fresh, and well-kept appearance. 

Mushroom Compost
Rock/Stone/Gravel                                                                                                             Sand
*Product availability and pricing may vary from season to season.



Is there a product that your looking for that you cannot find on our website or brochure?   Please contact us at 630-830-7266 and we’d be happy to assist you.