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Striping lines for parking stalls, “No Parking” zones, walkways, handicap parking symbols, and painted curb lines draw attention to your property to keep those who drive, park, and walk through it safe.  At JAMESON, we use professional striping equipment designed specifically for this purpose and commercial grade Latex Traffic Paints to make sure you’ll get results that last.  Our technicians can repaint an existiing layout or redesign a new parking plan to better suit your needs.  Whether you want straight or angled stalls, single or double lines, yellow or white paint, our experts will give you the results your’re looking for.  You give us the specifications or let us know what your needs are and we’ll get it done quickly and accurately.  Keep in mind - we will always achieve the best results over a level, freshly sealed surface.

FYI:  Not all striping equipment or services are the same!  Commercial-grade stripers like those used by Jameson Pavement will spray crisp lines, keep the size of the lines uniform throughout and will provide a cleaner and more professional appearance.  Paint is NOT rolled on or sprayed on from spray cans.


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